Real Estate Investing in Medical Practices


MAGGIO International LLC helps Investors invest in the Medical Industry in a few easy steps. 

By identifying opportunities in existing Medical Practices, MAGGIO LLC has developed a proven strategy that provides:

  • Equity
  • Monthly disbursements
  • Tax savings 
  • Debt free asset

About Us

A Medical Real Estate Investing Platform!

The problem that most investors find is that they either do not understand the medical industry or they do not have enough time to provide the necessary due diligence to have a smart investment strategy.  

The old way in investing no longer works, the market can be unpredictable, investors can be overextended and have their money tied up for years with little to marginal returns! 

MAGGIO International is an Investment platform that helps Investors expand their portfolio into the Medical Industry by INVESTMENTIG in the Medical Office Space 

MAGGIO International Fund I Offers:


  • Equity Retained After 100% Return of Principle
  • Income in Perpetuity 
  • Huge Tax Savings
  • An Investment strategy that is secured with a Medical Related Asset 
  • A Debt Free Asset that appreciates in value over time


  • An Opportunity where the Investor has equity & possession
  • An Opportunity where 100% of the initial investment is returned in 12 months +8% interest
  • An Opportunity where the Investors receive a monthly disbursement of funds
  • An investment vehicle that not only offers revenue but also offers a Tax Savings as well 
  • No Repayment by investors for organization and offering expenses